Danny Ladwa, formerly known as ‘Lyrikool Lipz’ started writing lyrics from the age of 11 and soon after discovered he had a particular talent for beat boxing.  Born in Nottingham and from Indian heritage Danny spent much of his free time as a youth composing songs and soundtracks in his head, mostly on the fly.

Danny’s musical past is colourful and diverse, and he is truly an international artist who has performed in the four corners of the Globe. Past career highlights include working alongside ‘Supa Mc TC Islam’ (son of Afrika Bambaataa) at ‘EcoSystem Festival’ in Brazil, joining Hip Hop fusion band ‘NOU’ (One Little Indian Records) in Brighton for their UK tour, and winning a place in the UK Beatbox Championship Final.



In 2006 Danny collaborated with Gaudi and the Live Dub Laboratory at the Glade Festival, and Gaudi obviously liked what he saw, as this swiftly lead to more UK and European dates and Danny being featured later on Gaudi’s album ‘No Prisoners’ on the track ‘Brainwashed Again’.  He recently featured on Gaudi’s 13th solo album ‘In Between Times’ on the tracks ‘Unlimited Possibilities’ and ‘Why U Wanna Run’.  Danny toured the world with Gaudi for 5 years (2011-2015) touring the world with Gaudi, performing everywhere from Goa to Glastonbury.

Danny has always been a ‘live’ musician, spending his first years in London (1999-2005) at unique and wild jam sessions, collaborating in various contexts, improvising and finding his groove on any style of music and in any situation.  He released his debut solo album ‘UNFOLDING’ in May 2015 which is a mix of Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronica & Soul. Although the album features all Danny’s vocal elements, apart from beatboxing, beatboxing was a huge part of the writing process for each track.

For many years Danny has been teaching and coaching people in the art of human beatboxing. He has the energy and magnetism that inspires young people. He believes that we all have something to say and that it is just about finding the courage and the right medium to express it. Release the inner beat!


& stay in the loop!