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May 25th 2015 saw the release of UNFOLDING, the debut album from uniquely talented vocalist, songwriter and beatboxer Danny Ladwa. Strikingly catchy melodies and haunting hooks will keep you transfixed in these compositions where Reggae, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass and Jazz have all nestled themselves comfortably.

The album was produced by producer and dub master general GAUDI who has put his signature sheen on each track.  From the stirring revolutionary sound of NEVER LET THE SYSTEM GET YOU DOWN to the hypnotic, transcendent groove of WHAT I COULD SEE, the album showcases Ladwa’s lyrical flair and diverse musical influences.

UNFOLDING is an undeniably positive and conscious record with a message; a feel-good sonic journey through a kaleidoscope of musical genres, each representing a chapter in Ladwa’s compendium of musical experience.

Danny started writing the album in January 2014 at home in London and the first studio sessions followed from February.  Writing and recording continued throughout the year during a busy touring schedule with Gaudi and much work was carried out on the road (on flights, hotel rooms, airport terminals) to prepare for the studio sessions.

A one-day recording session was carried out at Steelgrass Recording Studio on the island of Kauai, Hawaii where the bass and guitar lines were recorded for NEVER LET THE SYSTEM GET YOU DOWN and BEAUTIFUL THING(played by Will Lydgate and Tubby Love).  Vocals for REFLECTION OF INNOCENCEwere also laid down here as well as the Hammond and Ukelele onBEAUTIFUL THING.

A week long recording session took place at Blue Lotus Temple, Boulder Creek, California, USA.  Vocals for the tracks ROOTED, NEVER LET THE SYSTEM LET YOU DOWNand BEAUTIFUL THING were recorded here as well as much studio production.

The rest of the album was recorded at Metatron Studio, London, UK.




Will Lydgate (Bass: ‘Never Let The System Get You Down’ & ‘Beautiful Thing’.  Ukelele: ‘Beautiful Thing’)

Tubby Love (Guitar: ‘Never Let The System Get You Down’ & ‘Beautiful Thing’)

Lorenzo Maffia (Wurlitzer Piano: ‘In Your Eyes’)

Charlie San (Piano: ‘Trace The Lines’)

Kyahnasun (Backing Vocals: ‘Reflection Of Innocence’)

Ed Kelly (Lead Vocals on ‘What I Could See’)

Moshe ‘Shishko’ Zehavi (Guitar: Come Home’)

Gaudi (Backing Vocals: ‘A Thousand Souls’ & ‘Come Home’.  Fender Rhodes: ‘In Your Eyes’.  MiniMoog: ‘Reflection Of Innocence’.  Hammond: ‘Beautiful Thing’.  MS20: ‘Rooted’)

Danny Ladwa (Lead and Backing Vocals on all tracks.  Piano: ‘That Sound’)


Sound & Production:

Produced by Gaudi

Additional Sound Design by Tehomas Bow

Album Mastering by David Blackman at Hilton Grove Mastering Studio, London


Artwork & Website:

Album Cover Photo by Dhiren Dasu & Penny Slinger

Album Design by Vee Ladwa

Website by Notions Of Emotion

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