Beatbox Workshops

Danny Ladwa teaches beatboxing in schools to children of all ages. The sessions are fun, dynamic and of course very creative. Beatboxing has quickly become a well known musical art-form across the globe and Danny has been there through most of it’s journey learning skills as well as performing and teaching them. Currently based in North London, Danny offers workshops in and around the London area. Workshops in other areas can also be discussed.


So What Exactly Is Beatboxing?

Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion. The term beatbox comes from electronic drum machines from the early 80’s. The drum machines would have buttons, when pressed, would create their assigned sound (ie kick drum, snare etc). Soon, people started replicating the sounds of these drum machines with their mouths. This is where the term ‘Human-Beatbox’ comes from.

Nowadays beatboxers like Danny not only produce sounds of music and instruments but also a whole array of other incredible sounds just by using the voice.


How Do The Sessions Work?

The aim of the workshop is to get every student involved in the creative process. Danny uses electronic equipment to loop the groups voices to make amazing sound-tracks which are completely unique each time. There is a musical ice-breaker activity first before getting into other activities where we learn the art-form. Students will learn the 3 fundamental sounds in human beatboxing (The Kick, The Hi-Hat and The Snare sounds) as well as breathing techniques and lots of other impressive sounds during the workshop.


What Do Children Gain From The Workshops?

Children participating in these workshops will gain a new insight into creating music, one that is instant and absolutely unique. The individual and group work builds confidence, self-esteem and opens new creative doors. Children love beatboxing, it’s like magic to them and having the opportunity to learn exactly how it is done from a seasoned professional is something definitely worth considering to be including in your schools creative programme.


1 Hour Demonstration / Introduction Workshop – £125

Half-Day Workshop – £200

Full Day Workshop – £350

(Please Note: travel expenses are in addition to these prices and prices may vary for larger groups)



Please email mail@dannyladwa.com for bookings and enquiries.





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